Last April I wrote a story about spring finally hitting here in Michigan. I started off at Ann Arbor Cars and Coffee and ended up heading to Parking at Pasteiner’s. Now it’s May of 2017 and here I am again, doing a story on the same two places celebrating the return of spring. Continue reading

Revs Institute: Collier Collection

If you ever find yourself in or around Naples, Florida, do yourself a favor and plan a trip to the Revs Institute.

I’ll just say it now, this is an incredibly wordy, history filled look through the collection. If you want to read more on their collection and see the other cars, check out their website here: Revs Institute. Continue reading

Best of Langer 2016

My year in pictures as review. what can I tell about this year? It was starting with a normal Job, I was done it end of September with that. Now I life as a Fulltime Photographer and I know this was the best decision in my life right now.

_mg_5893Bad Ass Audi 200 IMSA, Gatebil on Ice, Norway

Fredric Aasbo in his Wintersupra, Gatebil on Ice, Norway

_mg_6923The hottest of hot hatches, the new Focus RS, Testing day Ford Motor company, Germany

cl3g0022VLN Racing at the Nordschleife, VLN, Nordschleife Germany

First step to Endurance, FIA WEC, Silverstone GB

24h Racing best spot of all, 24H Nürburgring, Germany

cl3g8460power of “eau rouge” , FIA WEC, Belgium Spa francorchamps

power of “eau rouge”, FIA WEC, Belgium Spa francorchamps

Best sunset in my live, Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, ColoradoSprings (CO)

the most dangerous corner of the world, Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, ColoradoSprings (CO)

_mg_1128Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

ml169140-1Tunnel View, Yosemite National Park, California

_mg_3006Formula Drift , Montreal, Canada


Rally WRC, Panzerplatte Trier, Germany

ml162012World Champion WRC, Trier, Germany


5g8a9607NFL, CenturyLink Field Seatle, Washington, USA

aw4i7001-2Final Meters of Audi, Bahrain, FIA WEC

Mark Webbers last Race, Bahrain, FIA WEC

IGR Remscheid Goalkeeper, European Cup 1/8 Final, Spain

Last flight 2016, Spain

New York to California

After going to The Race of Gentlemen back in 2015 in Wildwood, New Jersey, I just had to go again in this year.  After finding out they were also going to be a running the event on the West Coast I mentioned it to Bohan and he immediately suggested “Why not come for TROG and just check out California?  I can show you around and we can go to Yosemite.” I’ve always wanted to go to Cali but I think he knew he’d have me sold with Yosemite.
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Raceway Park Rally Sprint

2016 is almost over and I went through the entire year without going to a single rally event.  That was until I received a message from my friend Erin Kelly, a rally co-driver, asking if I was planning on going to some rally sprint on December 4th.  The sprint was being held at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey.  With zero traffic at night, from Long Island, I could get there in about an hour. I was down.
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RM Motorsports Holiday Open House

Much like the North American International Auto Show is the season opener in the Detroit area, the RM Motorsports Holiday Open house marks the end of the season. Every December RM Motorsports opens their doors for their holiday open house. I can never miss visiting there because the cars that RM have in their collection are simply amazing. Continue reading

Scenes From the Keweenaw Peninsula

For the fourth year in a row I made my way to Michigan’s Keeweenaw Peninsula for the final round of the Rally America National Championship. It is one of my favorite rallies and like most years the fall colors and the action didn’t disappoint.
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