Goodwood Festival of Speed: Part 1

Like the song by Rancid goes, “I’m back, I’m back, I’m back where I belong. I’ve been gone way too long and I’m back where I belong.” Continue reading

Gridlife 2018

It seems like every year Gridlife gets bigger and bigger. Last year it seemed like it was at maximum capacity, but somehow the Gridlife crew managed to top it. I overheard some conversations that Gingerman Raceway was actually completely full.
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Woodward Dream Cruise

I haven’t been too active on here of recent, but I will have some stories coming soon. But in the meantime, here are some scenes from this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise. One million people and around 40,000 cars; its nothing but a big party surrounding a massive traffic jam.
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The Goodwood Revival

Goodwood. It’s one of those places that evokes dreams of race cars and exotics racing up a hill, or people dressed in period clothing watching some of the best historic racing anywhere in the world. Continue reading

From Start to Finnish

It’s mid to late December 2016 and I’m plotting and scheming what cool things I could do in 2017. There’s one big motorsport I still hadn’t seen and I desperately wanted to cross it off the list. WRC. Continue reading

Bohan 2017

2017 was a radically different year for me, if the past decade had been any indication of what I’d be doing. FD Irwindale in 2016 was my 50th round in ten seasons so I decided to take a break. I also ran out of clients, so that made it an easy decision. I also wrote a book that fall, thought I hadn’t meant to. After road tripping around the western US in the summer of 2016, I sat down to write a Life Blasters article and it ended up being 265 pages long. It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble if you’re interested. I’d also gotten back into music in 2016, and I had plans to release an album in 2017. The last significant change of 2016 was selling out of my vinyl graphics business. With music to be made and no vinyl equipment taking up space in my garage, the stage was set.
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Final Bout III: The Final Final Bout

Final Bout is no doubt one of the best grassroots drift events in the Unites States, maybe even the world. The style, the camaraderie and the fact that people from all over North America hauled their cars to a small town in Wisconsin for drifting. But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Continue reading

Goodwood Revival: The Car Park

After attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year, my dad and I were determined to visit the Goodwood Revival. Little did we know, just one year after the Festival we’d be back in Chichester. We arrived in England on Friday and headed to the track. So just armed with one camera my 70-200mm lens, I set out to do a quick scan of the parking lot. Continue reading


Last April I wrote a story about spring finally hitting here in Michigan. I started off at Ann Arbor Cars and Coffee and ended up heading to Parking at Pasteiner’s. Now it’s May of 2017 and here I am again, doing a story on the same two places celebrating the return of spring. Continue reading

Revs Institute: Collier Collection

If you ever find yourself in or around Naples, Florida, do yourself a favor and plan a trip to the Revs Institute.

I’ll just say it now, this is an incredibly wordy, history filled look through the collection. If you want to read more on their collection and see the other cars, check out their website here: Revs Institute. Continue reading