FD Montréal

It’s always exciting to shoot at a new track, and double exciting when the new track is in a different country. Triple exciting when you get to go there with friends from far-off places. Marcel was in North America for Pikes Peak and decided to stay for FD as well, so after a drive through the desert and brief stay in California, we flew to New York to meet up with Matt. Matt loves driving, and he had just gotten his new Subaru Crosstrek outfitted for road trips, so we all piled in and set sail for Montréal.
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Goodwood Festival Of Speed

The greatest motorsport event in the world. It’s a bold statement, but in my mind it’s 100% true. I knew coming into Goodwood I was going to be overwhelmed, but I wasn’t ready for just how overwhelming it actually was.
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Unheil on Pikes Peak

You certainly know the story of Pikes Peak, the highest hillclimb in the world and the second oldest race in the US behind the Indianapolis 500.  A few years ago I thought I’d never see this Bergrennen with my own eyes. But I was mistaken. Through my love of racing, photography and crazy things, I decided towards the end of 2015 to experience it in 2016. But to only come here to take pictures? No, that wouldn’t do. I wanted to meet someone there, if possible, to experience the Climb to the Clouds first hand. Approximately two months before the first trials at Pikes Peak I went in search of a story. Well, from Germany that’s not a very easy task. I didn’t have anyone to ask except Google. Continue reading

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

indianapolis museum
After the historic cars were done running on Saturday, there really wasn’t much left to do. Luckily the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is located within the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And heads up, this is a history heavy story.
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The 100th Indy 500

Well here we are, 100 years in the making. Well not years exactly, but runnings. The first 500 was held in 1911, but six races were missed due to World War I and World War II. Here we are in 2016, the biggest Indy 500 ever, and easily one of the biggest races ever, period.
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Bernie Sanders

After the Occupy movement died down, I hadn’t had many opportunities to shoot political events, so when I heard Bernie Sanders was coming to town I jumped at the chance. The rally wasn’t in a stadium or other large venue like most of his rallies, but Ogawa Plaza, in front of Oakland City Hall, was about as symbolic of a place as he could pick in this area. Just in recent memory it was the base for Occupy Oakland, Oscar Grant demonstrations, and various other protests, both violent and peaceful.
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VLN the N24h Forecast

The VLN racing championship is one of the most notorious series in German motorsport. Among others, the legendary 24h Nürburgring race is one of ten events held by the Verein Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring. That’s why all eyes lay one the first event of the season, which will give you a pretty solid prediction of who will be on top at the 24 hour race.

A total of 35 different car classes makes a diverse starting grid, meaning there were 180 cars on track simultaneously. Given that this series ensures you to get thrills and goosebumps within seconds. 30 GT3 Cars are made for intense battles at the Nordschleife. Due to the harsh weather conditions it’s always tough for the respective teams to adapt to sudden changes. For instance snow covered the entire track, while on the other hand saw the Green Hell covered in thick fog. Both settings made the beautiful backdrop a surreal painting of feelings. The most spectacular crash and a big warning to all drivers out there that the Nordschleife is held responsible for severe damage to drivers and cars along its impressive history has .

But the most asked question is… “who will be the best?”  We will see that after this weekend, after the 24h race. If you are interested in watching the race on TV. Search on stream RTL NITRO, there is a broadcast 26 Hours continuously, 28-29 May. Continue reading

FD Atlanta Again and Again

What can I say about drifting at Road Atlanta that hasn’t already been said? It’s a game of averages at this point, and welcome anomalies like Chelsea DeNofa winning at Long Beach are few and far between. Who was on top this time? Gittin won again, with Dai Yoshihara and Chris Forsberg rounding out the podium. Alec Hohnadell placed 4th, which is cool, but I don’t see the veteran hotshots going away anytime soon. Defending champ Fredric Aasbø blew his engine again just before the Top 32, but the Papadakis crew miraculously swapped in a new engine again. I must have seen that Scion with at least 30 engines in it. Maybe more. Anyway, with all the focus on getting the car running again, the tires were neglected and one debeaded during his lead run with Jeff Jones. Aasbø had already used his competition time out, so he had no way to change the tire and had to forfeit the battle. Keep in mind that he lost in the Top 32 in Atlanta last year as well, and still won the championship by a significant margin. Continue reading

The Ohio Mile

Right (1 of 25)
A few weeks ago I got a text from Alex Wong asking how close I was to the Ohio Mile. I instantly went online and went to the East Coast Timing Association’s website to see when the next event was. I haven’t been to an Ohio Mile event since 2013, and with Hot Rod Magazine running their Top Speed Challenge, I had to go. Continue reading

Spring in Michigan

Right (1 of 30)
We had a pretty decent winter when I look back, but the last month or so, it got a little annoying. Cold, cloudy, rain and snow. Two weeks ago it was in between 20 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. For being the second weekend of April, people weren’t too happy. But this being Michigan, this weekend, two week later, it was in the mid 70s, spring is finally here. A perfect day for car shows.
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WEC start with ART

Between snow, rain, wind and sun, all seasons in one weekend, that’s …. Silverstone? Whatever, that’s not correct. Anyway I’m slowly used to the experience ‘weather conditions do not match their area.’

My last conversation with Andrew was those, and them summary was, “let’s be different from the ordinary photographs’ Common ones provide the results, but we show it to you with art. Art? Like, Picasso or Dali … No, not like this because nearly everybody know this artists. We’ll come and show you what we (motorsport photographers) think art is.
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Scenes from Earth

It’s Earth Day, so I’ve put together a collection of our best photos of Earth, shot everywhere from Hawaii to Norway, from Alaska to Mexico, from Scotland to Japan. We’ve seen rain forests, deserts, and snowy mountains in our journeys, as well as some of Earth’s most important cities and famous landmarks.

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Formula D Long Beach – New Blood

Chelsea DeNofa has as reputation for being a completely insane driver. His checkers-or-wreckers style has usually landed him more on the wreckers side of things, for example when he and Tyler McQuarrie took a wall ride in New Jersey and again when he ripped his fuel lines and caught on fire while crashing into McQuarrie in Miami. There are also countless solo incidents that many people would call crashes, but must have just been wall taps as DeNofa just kept on going, much to the delight of his fans. Many thought his aggressive style would eventually catch up with him and he’d have to retire from Formula D, but this time he made it work, and in convincing fashion too – he defeated not one, but three FD champions: Forsberg, Gittin, and Aasbø.  DeNofa’s car still finished the Long Beach weekend with all kind of damage, but the man himself was on the top step of the podium. All the carnage had finally paid off, and in a huge way. In his first ever career podium finish, he was the winner.
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