The Long Beach Grand Prix Course

Street courses have always intrigued me. The sheer amount of planning and labor involved is absolutely mind-boggling. I took a trip down to Long Beach today to get a few shots of the in-between stages of the GP course. Like most street courses, they configure it in such a way that it can be opened […]

25 Heures du Thunderhill

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this year’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill, thinking of shots, going over ideas, planning, and waiting. But then sometimes the unexpected happens. Just a week or so before North America’s longest endurance race was set to start, Geoff got a call from NASA Race Director Jeff Mohler, to see if he’d be interested […]

Drift Union’s Trek to All Star Bash

This is the tale of three young men, Logan Noël, Shawn Browne, and Steven Thomposon, in their quest to one of the greatest grassroots drifting events to ever take place on planet earth! 24 hours of driving, 2,266 kilometers, and crossing three American states, the Internet famous purple drift team known as “Drift Union” made […]

Just a Little Taste

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Behind the Scenes with Larry and Ryan

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Ryan Kado: Driver Blog

Prepare to have your life blasted with cross country drift road trip Waffle House down south goodness. Our trip started about eight hours behind our scheduled 2am departure time which is quite normal for any sort of drifting activity. In traditional privateer fashion, we wedged four sweaty dudes and one week’s worth of luggage into […]

Jeff Jordan’s BRS Widebody RX-7

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Hankook Goes to WSIR

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Rob Primo’s Freestyle Livery by Factory83

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People Get Ready

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No story about drifting in Norcal would be complete without several chapters on Altamont Raceway. This is the track that brought drifting to the Bay Area’s attention, and it’s where several drivers got their start and where future teammates met each other for the first time. Without Altamont, Norcal drifting would definitely not be where […]

A Day at YAER “Modely Stuff”

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A Year in the Life of a Shreeve

  While digging through thousands (okay, hundreds maybe) of my photos from this year, I came upon this conclusion: I need to either take way more photos or stop altogether. That being said, here is a compilation of not the greatest photos, but rather the greatest moments of 2011 that I happened to capture with […]