From the Archives ● FD Sonoma 2008

Looking through old stuff again, I found my unedited set from Sonoma in 2008! This was my second season shooting FD so I felt like an old timer at the time. Boy was I wrong about that. Here we have 2011 champ Dai Yoshihara in Rhys Millen’s GTO. Rhys won the championship with this car […]

From the Archives ● Na Pali

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No story about drifting in Norcal would be complete without several chapters on Altamont Raceway. This is the track that brought drifting to the Bay Area’s attention, and it’s where several drivers got their start and where future teammates met each other for the first time. Without Altamont, Norcal drifting would definitely not be where […]

From the Archives ● 1981 Part 1: New York

I got ahold of a photo album that belonged to my uncle Chas and chronicled his 1981 trips to New York, France, and San Francsico with his partner Jacques. Chas died in 1991 so this series is more for preservation than storytelling, though it does have some adventure behind it. I’ll try my best to […]

A Year in the Life of a Shreeve

  While digging through thousands (okay, hundreds maybe) of my photos from this year, I came upon this conclusion: I need to either take way more photos or stop altogether. That being said, here is a compilation of not the greatest photos, but rather the greatest moments of 2011 that I happened to capture with […]

From the Archives ● FD Sonoma 2007

There sure is a lot of awesome stuff on my old hard drive! Sonoma 2007 was my first time at Formula D, and it’s clear I had no idea how to shoot drifting back then. Oh well, here’s Joon Maeng in an S13! Is this the same one I saw him with at Redline Time […]

From the Archives ● Drifting at the SJGP

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