Scenes from 86 Festival 2014

86 Day has become a de-facto holiday for not just the AE86 crowd, but the Japanese car enthusiast community as a whole. Meets and shows have been popping up across the country in the last several years, bolstered by hordes of new FR-S owners wanting a piece of the action. The last few years Slide […]

86Fest II

How could I pass up going to 86Fest, the biggest AE86/FR-S/BRZ show in North America? Antonio Alvendia called me up to see if I could shoot it, and I had a free weekend and enough other reasons to spend a couple days in LA, so I took the opportunity when it came to me!

Just a Little Taste

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Corolla Day

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SYR’s Annual AE86 Meet

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Inaugural HJCG – San Leandro Marina

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Pat’s Acres Season Opener

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ThunderDrift’s “Fulltrack February”

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Pat Mordaunt

Every few months Frank Siharath from Garage Boso comes up to Performance Options in Oakland to do some ECU tuning on NorCal cars. This time, Pat Mordaunt drove up with Frank and took a few moments from his busy day to let me interview him. Thanks Pat!


I showed up to the track on Thursday morning to find Ashley van Dyke suiting up to drive Conrad’s Camaro. They were doing a bit for some kind of show.

Root Beer Snobs

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Videoblast: Corolla Day

With so many Japanese cars having two-digit numerical components to their chassis codes, it’s a wonder only the Toyota AE86 (mid 80s Corolla) owners celebrate the appropriate day. Every year on 8/6, AE86 owners from around the world get all riled up, the blogs post photos of famous or interesting AE86’s, and many enthusiasts get […]

Drift Evolotion Rd. 4skin

  AYALA – Yeah! Drift Evolution starts again! This is the 4th round out of 6 this year.  The event seems to bring more and more interest with every event, bringing drivers from all along the west coast. Justin wasn’t taking any chances driving his unregistered and uninsured car to this event as he had […]