Formula D Texas: Changing of the Guard

After an absense of eight years, Formula Drift finally made its return to Texas. That’s right, the last time pro drifting graced the Lone Star State with its presense was 2005. What was life like back then? A lot of this season’s drivers hadn’t even started drifting yet, but a handful of them were part […]

Formula D Long Beach: Part 1

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People Get Ready

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Gabe’s M3 Progress

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What's Happening at Blu808

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TD ProAm Round 5

Round 5 marked the end of the TD ProAm season, where the leaders found out if they could stay ahead and the middle of the pack found out if they could catch up. When the smoke settled, four new Formula DRIFT pro licenses were given away.


Today was Blu808’s annual summer BBQ, and Luke partnered up with Proper Styles to throw the biggest bash to date. The parking lot was completely packed, and I parked blocking someone in. As soon as I did that, someone blocked me in. I was gonna stay a while anyway, so whatever.

TD ProAm Round 3
Part 2

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TD ProAm Round 3 Part 1

As the halfway point in the season, Round 3 of the TD ProAm Championship was sure to be interesting. Would the points leaders widen their gap or would there be a huge upset? If points were missed there might not be enough to catch back up. Pro licenses would be on the line. It would […]

TD ProAm Round 2

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