Straight Outta the Camera

Being able to have amazing photos come straight out of the camera is a goal a lot of photographers aspire toward. But what if I told you there’s no such thing as “straight out of the camera?” Film photographers know this very well, and must face a series of decisions every time they develop and […]

Speeding Kills Bears: Yosemite on Fire

When one normally pictures Yosemite Valley National Park they think of the majestic rock faces and the abundance of crisp natural beauty. The sheer impact of Yosemite’s artistry attracts tourists worldwide with an average of 4 million visitors a year, and on any given weekend the park’s 1,169 square miles of forest are flooded with […]


My dad had wanted to go shoot Yosemite for a while now, and my sister-in-law’s wedding reception was the perfect reason for coming to California. I was excited to go back to Yosemite, as I hadn’t been in the valley since 1999. Life Blasters was born last year in Yosemite, but that was up […]

Coming Soon: Yosemite

When you enter Yosemite National Park on Highway 41, you go through this endless tunnel. But when you exit the tunnel, you’re greeted with this stunning view of the valley. You can see almost all of the park’s famous features, including El Capitan, Bridalveil Fall, and Half Dome, all at once.   Download the Wallpaper! […]