Fatter than Rerun, so What’s Happenin?

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Insert Coin(s) ● Las Vegas

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Occupy SF Part 2

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Occupy SF Part 1

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Pat Mordaunt

Every few months Frank Siharath from Garage Boso comes up to Performance Options in Oakland to do some ECU tuning on NorCal cars. This time, Pat Mordaunt drove up with Frank and took a few moments from his busy day to let me interview him. Thanks Pat!

Interview: LB vs. Jarod DeAnda

Geoff and I decided we should interview someone in Vegas during Formula D, so we asked the Voice of Formula DRIFT himself, Mr. Jarod DeAnda. We tracked him down before qualifying started to see if he was down, and he seemed more excited about it than we were!

The Quest for Amir

Geoff is in love with Venice Beach. I think going to Long Beach or Irwindale is just his excuse to go skate the boardwalk on the way back to Norcal. He always tries to get a huge group to go but it never works out. Last time it was us +1. This time it was […]