Speeding Kills Bears: Yosemite on Fire

When one normally pictures Yosemite Valley National Park they think of the majestic rock faces and the abundance of crisp natural beauty. The sheer impact of Yosemite’s artistry attracts tourists worldwide with an average of 4 million visitors a year, and on any given weekend the park’s 1,169 square miles of forest are flooded with […]

Bash To The Future

    Before an image has been seen or a paragraph read, let it be known that each and every sentence, word, and syllable has been drawn from the deep, dark, and mysterious mind of a spawn of teh intarwebz. The mind of Kyle Pope. This is not a story or an article as much […]

Why I Love Irwindale

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Just a Little Taste

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Pat’s Acres Season Opener

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Cascade vs. Lakeview

A couple of nights ago, I went down to my old high school, Cascade Christian, to watch the Challengers play the Lakeview Honkers. To clear any confusion, the Challengers are Cascade’s mascot. It’s hard to believe that six years have already gone by since I played ball here. Time has certainly flown by.  Lots of […]

ThunderDrift’s “Fulltrack February”

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F*ck the Police

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A Year in the Life of a Shreeve

  While digging through thousands (okay, hundreds maybe) of my photos from this year, I came upon this conclusion: I need to either take way more photos or stop altogether. That being said, here is a compilation of not the greatest photos, but rather the greatest moments of 2011 that I happened to capture with […]

Fuzz's Christmas Vacation

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TANDEM OF DIE | Cell Mates | Teaser

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Riots in Oakland!

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The Haps on the Craps: A Week with Tandem of Die

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Alameda Zombie Crawl

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Only for Unicorns

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Tandem of Die x Irwindale

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