Formula D Palm Beach

Armed with the lessons of what happened with the original track layout last year, the guys took measures to make it safer for both the drivers and the fans this year. There were no incidents where debris of crashing cars was thrown into the stands, so the original configuration finally got to be used in […]

Formula D Atlanta: Part 1

Road Atlanta is a lot of people’s favorite track. Personally, I like it because of all the colors and the lack of fences. That makes it an easy place to shoot. It’s a favorite for fans because of the layout. Instead of parking your car, walking hella far, and sitting in your seat, you can […]

Formula D Long Beach: Part 1

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People Get Ready

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Gabe’s M3 Progress

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ThunderDrift’s “Fulltrack February”

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What's Happening at Blu808

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Bob’s at Buttonwillow

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GTA Sonoma Day 2

I made my way back to the track and got there just in time for the first time attack session of the day. The racing surface had dried out and I finally got to see Chris Rado’s new TC. I’m actually surprised they haven’t banned the ridiculous front wing yet. I guess no one has […]

GTA Sonoma Day 1

The other day I was chilling at Blu808 and Luke said to me, “Hey, we’re doing Global Time Attack at Infineon!” “Cool,” I said. “I’ll be there.” So today I drove up to Sears Point to catch my first time attack since earlier this year when Redline was at WSIR. I don’t know the whole […]

SEMA 2011

Ahhh SEMA, that once a year excuse to go to Vegas that has nearly everyone in the automotive industry working overtime for weeks. The paint on some of the cars is only days old when they show up at the convention center, and the whole place is buzzing with news of all the new things […]

The Lonberger’s New Clothes

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I showed up to the track on Thursday morning to find Ashley van Dyke suiting up to drive Conrad’s Camaro. They were doing a bit for some kind of show.


Today was Blu808’s annual summer BBQ, and Luke partnered up with Proper Styles to throw the biggest bash to date. The parking lot was completely packed, and I parked blocking someone in. As soon as I did that, someone blocked me in. I was gonna stay a while anyway, so whatever.

TD ProAm Round 3 Part 1

As the halfway point in the season, Round 3 of the TD ProAm Championship was sure to be interesting. Would the points leaders widen their gap or would there be a huge upset? If points were missed there might not be enough to catch back up. Pro licenses would be on the line. It would […]

TD Garage’s First Birthday

It was TD Garage’s first birthday last weekend, so Kia threw a BBQ! Just in case you don’t know, TD Garage is a Subaru shop in Walnut Creek. So if you have a broken Subaru, Kia is your man. He also has a constant supply of JDM engines and other goodies. Check him out sometime.