Scenes from Earth

It’s Earth Day, so I’ve put together a collection of our best photos of Earth, shot everywhere from Hawaii to Norway, from Alaska to Mexico, from Scotland to Japan. We’ve seen rain forests, deserts, and snowy mountains in our journeys, as well as some of Earth’s most important cities and famous landmarks. .:Bohan

Scenes from the One Show

After Geoff went to the One Show last year and saw the light, we might be making this a yearly tradition. Portland’s custom bike scene is thriving and it’s integrated well with the local culture. With companies like Icon and places like See See here in town, how could it not be? This year’s show […]

Best of Bohan 2013

I think Joe mentioned once that whenever he puts together a best-of-the-year post he hates his previous year’s best photos. That’s a good goal to have as it would indicate growth as a photographer. I don’t hate all my 2012 stuff, but I do think my selections from 2013 are a lot better. Most of […]

Bash To The Future

    Before an image has been seen or a paragraph read, let it be known that each and every sentence, word, and syllable has been drawn from the deep, dark, and mysterious mind of a spawn of teh intarwebz. The mind of Kyle Pope. This is not a story or an article as much […]

Best of Bohan 2012

Okay, while not actually in 2012, my trip to the Hoh Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula happened after my Best of 2011 post. How could I not include this awesome tree? Canon 5D Mark II and 17-40mm f/4 @ 17mm, f/8, 1/3s, ISO 100, tripod.

Pat’s Acres Season Opener

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Cascade vs. Lakeview

A couple of nights ago, I went down to my old high school, Cascade Christian, to watch the Challengers play the Lakeview Honkers. To clear any confusion, the Challengers are Cascade’s mascot. It’s hard to believe that six years have already gone by since I played ball here. Time has certainly flown by.  Lots of […]

Fuzz's Christmas Vacation

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XDC Shenannies

So after an amazing weekend of Drift Evolution and then a day in Willows California for Thunder Drift Rd. 4, Justin Shreeve and I made our way to Kent Washington for our first Extreme Drift Competition at Pacific Grand Prix. Justin and I made our way from Medford Oregon to Portland via Greyhound and then […]


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RC Racing in Southern Oregon Pt. 2

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The LUV of my life

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Life Blasting in Orygun

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