A Tour of Palm Beach International Raceway

As the newest addition to the Formula D tour, Palm Beach International Raceway is not a track that is well known to lot of people in the drifting world. Even among the big tracks in Florida it’s always overshadowed by Sebring and Daytona. Palm Beach does have its history though, albiet a frustrating one.

Throwback Thursday: Bohan’s List of Tracks

I was thinking the other day about how many tracks I had been to. I guess it’s more than most people, but there are still plenty left to see, as I haven’t even shot outside the US! Since I always had a camera with me even before I was really a photographer, I actually have […]

Formula D Palm Beach

Armed with the lessons of what happened with the original track layout last year, the guys took measures to make it safer for both the drivers and the fans this year. There were no incidents where debris of crashing cars was thrown into the stands, so the original configuration finally got to be used in […]

Meet Sean Smithson

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