New York to California

After going to The Race of Gentlemen back in 2015 in Wildwood, New Jersey, I just had to go again in this year.  After finding out they were also going to be a running the event on the West Coast I mentioned it to Bohan and he immediately suggested “Why not come for TROG and just check out […]

Wekfest Part 1 ● Festival Pavillion

It’s February, and that means Wekfest! It’s one of the only car shows any of us go to, so we’re making this coverage huge! The show was at Fort Mason for the second time, but I still miss the old days when it was in Japantown. Oh well, times change, so without further ado…

Who's the boss? Joey Gauthier.

Joey Gauthier is the owner of Oakland’s (and probably the world’s) best spot for Toyota modification, Performance Options.  PO is responsible for some of the Bay Area’s most legendary drift cars, like Xander Newell’s S13, Richard Kong’s SR20 AE86 Corolla, Rick Cunanan’s F22 Turbo powered AE86, and his own Formula Atlantic 4A-GE powered AE86, just […]