From Start to Finnish

It’s mid to late December 2016 and I’m plotting and scheming what cool things I could do in 2017. There’s one big motorsport I still hadn’t seen and I desperately wanted to cross it off the list. WRC.

One More Time at FD Texas

That’s me in NYC on August 17th at about midnight, if I remember correctly.  What am I doing here at this time?  The answer is simple.  I have a West Coast friend who has an obsession with hitting all 50 states, needs to shoot Formula Drift in Texas, but has a few states to hit […]


The following story was originally published in 2010 on, but in retrospect its the very first Life Blasters story. Geoff and I came up with the concept and the name while we were driving through Yosemite on the way to Vegas. Covering events was one thing, but we needed an outlet to post our […]

Ryan Kado: Driver Blog

Prepare to have your life blasted with cross country drift road trip Waffle House down south goodness. Our trip started about eight hours behind our scheduled 2am departure time which is quite normal for any sort of drifting activity. In traditional privateer fashion, we wedged four sweaty dudes and one week’s worth of luggage into […]

Bohan’s Epic Thanksgiving

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Formula Blasting – Palm Beach, FL &c.

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The road to LBC is paved with metal

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