Ross Petty x Ron Paul?

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From the Archives ● FD Sonoma 2007

There sure is a lot of awesome stuff on my old hard drive! Sonoma 2007 was my first time at Formula D, and it’s clear I had no idea how to shoot drifting back then. Oh well, here’s Joon Maeng in an S13! Is this the same one I saw him with at Redline Time […]

Chronicles of the World Drift Series Pt. 3

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Chronicles of the World Drift Series Pt. 2

The following two days went by fairly fast. Most of our time we spent going to the big street markets to find some cool stuff to bring home. The big market we liked was a little too far to walk to, so we got courageous and headed to the streets to get some cabs.

Chronicles of the World Drift Series Pt. 1

As some of you may know, Justin Shreeve and I got the opportunity to join Larry Chen in filming the World Drift Series in Tianjin, China. Our Journey began Saturday night, as we were meeting Larry and the U.S. drivers for the event at LAX. Justin and I arrived to the airport a few hours […]