Rocket Bunny’s FD RX-7 American Debut

It’s not every day you find yourself at a world debut of something in the automotive world, it’s even more rare that you just happen upon it without even knowing. That’s what happened when I found out I was among the first people to see the new Rocket Bunny kit for the Third Gen Mazda […]

Hangin’ with Hert

Everyone knows who Hertrech Eugene, Jr., is, right? He’s been on the Formula D media scene for a few years now, and he recently moved to from Orlando to Los Angeles to work for Hoonigan.  Being based in SoCal meant it was a quick 11-hour haul up to Medford for Bash to the Future, and […]

Jeff Jordan’s BRS Widebody RX-7

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I showed up to the track on Thursday morning to find Ashley van Dyke suiting up to drive Conrad’s Camaro. They were doing a bit for some kind of show.

Raining Fire

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